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Building authentic organizations:

Power, performance & leadership

An unique opportunity to meet with several top class and inspirative speakers from Czech republic as well as from the world. We will mix several perspectives together for the announced topics: one being from the Czech ex-CEO of banking group, other from American psychologist and organizational consultant who works with organizations, combining with Swiss and German coaches, ending with Czech HR expert and British facilitators. 


Julie is an international leadership consultant, coach and trainer from Portland, OR USA.  For over 25 years’ she has been at the forefront of creating transformational learning and development opportunities, across a range of sectors, from Process Work graduate degree programs to leader development programs for business, government and not-for-profit organizations. Her current research involves the use of power in leadership, and her writings on the topic can be found on her blog, A User’s Guide to Power at Julie knows how to bring clarity to complex and profound concepts, and her authentic and dynamic facilitation style creates real understanding and a deeply impactful learning process.


Caspar advises top executives of international companies like Daimler AG, KPMG, Continental, Metrohm. He speaks and writes about innovative leadership approaches and sparkling ways of collaboration in the modern-age corporation.

He holds an MBA with a focus on Finance, has broad training in the field of organizational consulting and holds a Deep Democracy Facilitation Diploma.

His leadership-blog ‚Manage your boss’, published weekly on a Top3 web-portal in Switzerland reaches weekly up to 10'000 readers. He works and lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

Stanislav HÁŠA

Stanislav is a professional guide of people, HR advisor, coach and facilitator with over 16 years of experiences. His professional background comprises business roles in investment bank and holdings (CFO, project leader) as well as people leader roles (Human Capital Advisory leader for consulting company as well as HR director for large insurance company). These two directions were also present in his education, Psychology and Economics, followed by PhD in Managerial psychology.

He develops his new projects (Prothea and Popoli) enthusiastically and passionately.


Anup is qualified process worker and organisational consultant with over 20 years experience of working with people and groups.

He teaches process work, supervises students in the UK, Czech republic and internationally, runs seminars and has a consultancy practice in London.

He is co founder of Asta Faciltation which works with organisations around leadership development, diversity awareness and change management.


Elke has 17 years experiences in the field of organizational-, team-, personal- and leadership development. In Germany, at the border to Switzerland, she is leading a consultancy practice – working with individuals, teams and organizations.

Issues that are moving her at work and in life are: helping to empower the female quality in public space, becoming more aware about how we deal with power in our inner life and in relationships and last but not least getting more and more connected with the spiritual background that is moving us all. 



Stanya is a certified process-worker, facilitator and organisational consultant. Apart from her lasting interest in development of human potential, and unlocking creativity hidden beneath the surface of everyday difficulties; she has a first hand experience of holding leadership position within an organization and working in high impact, high pressure environment. She co founded Asta Facilitation, where she mostly focuses on team development, conflict facilitation and change management.

She lives and works in London, UK, and teaches processwork in the Czech republic and in the world.


Lubor, at the moment founder and partner in EnCor Capital Management company. His professional career has been strongly connected to the Czech banking sector when he had led Raiffeisen bank for 9 years in the role of CEO. There he experienced not only demanding role within central-european banking group, moreover he led merger of 2 banks on the Czech market.

Before that, he lead markets and investment banking in Komercni banka (Societe Generale group) and consulted with McKinsey & Company. He is strong leader and inspirational speaker.

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