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Building authentic organizations:

Power, Performance & Leadership

What would happen if we had permission to talk about the workplace taboos that effect us greatly, and make our work life most stressful? What would happen if we had the means and method to speak about them in a way that could actually benefit our organizations? Could it even boost the performance of the organizations exponentially?


Authenticity, difference and conflict, power struggles, fears and doubts, relationship dynamics and teamwork tensions: these are things we all experience, but seldom talk about. 


Join us to talk about these and other undiscussables - and learn new ways to make a difference in your organization and in your community. The conference and post-conference workshop offer a unique opportunity to learn new methods and frameworks for enhancing the quality of work and increasing participation and engagement by bringing our authentic and whole selves into the workplace.

Are you a leader of an organization, an HR professional, facilitator, coach, or team leader interested in organizational growth as well as own development?

Are you someone who enjoys learning new methods? Are you a change agent or thought leader? Then this event will benefit you. 


Building authentic organizations:

Key competencies of power



Post-conference workshop with Julie Diamond


In organizational life, power is often the big trouble maker, the culprint behind bad management, conflict, bullying and toxic atmospheres. Power struggles undermine our collaboration, and cause us to hold back ideas and input out of fear of criticism. And our inability to use power well makes us indecisive, unable to give or receive direct feedback, or hold productive dialogue.

Invitation from Caspar Fröhlich

31. 3. 2015

Invitation from Elke Schlehuber 

17. 3. 2015

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The New Rules of Power with Julie Diamond

17. 2. 2015
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